The strapmate allows acoustic players to use a strap without either drilling a second peg hole or using string or shoe laces to attach the strap to the headstock.  3 colours available, to complement natural wood grains Ebony (black) Rosewood (Dark Brown) and Mahogany (Red-Brown).

Not every acoustic player wants to have their cherished instrument drilled for a 2nd strap button, we appreciate that.  And some people prefer the feel of the balance, wearing the instrument supported at the head-end.  We call it the “elegant alternative”  - well, have you ever seen the array of different methods that people use to connect a strap to the top of a guitar?  Tatty bits of string, boot laces, the old school tie, baling twine, sheathed cable and insulating tape – it’s unnecessary!  Having decided to face this particular challenge we had a whole development cycle to go though:
  1. Our expertise is the leather and it took considerable research around UK tanneries to get what we believe to be the best for the job – good strength and tensile properties and minimum stretch (comparatively) we used a recognised National Testing Laboratory to get the real data on strength & performance.  As a result, our leather element is guaranteed for loads up to 25kg.  Not even a full bell brass bodied resonator gets up to that!  Maybe a concrete twin-neck would offer a bit of a challenge?
  2. The pattern of the cut is critical to the way this fits the anatomy of the guitar. Extensive time and effort in cutting prototypes at different angles and testing them on a range of different necks & heads was necessary to find the optimum design which we ultimately chose to have the tools made for.  We arrived at a design that is sympathetic to the flair of the headstock and throws the strap back towards the shoulder, where it needs to be for fit & comfort.
The result is a product that we are confident will perform and allow players to fit & remove their straps from the headstock at will – so, no more tatty bits of bootlace permanently knotted in-place….  The elegant solution!

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Ebony, Mahogany, Rosewood


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