Custom Embroidery

With our weight of knowledge and experience, we happily undertake individual commissions.  These could be based on having a “twist” on our standard range or something completely different and unique to you.

The common requests are for :

Embroidered embellishments from computer graphic files

This service is out-sourced and we’re happy to facilitate the individual and unique approach for you.  Pricing is calculated by the price of the strap plus the additional cost of the embroidery.

Wharram straps with the lambswool linings

Lambswool option shoulder pads for Beswick straps

“Thwing” Headless Guitar hangers – made-to measure

Personalised straps with initials or a full name gold-block embossed into the leather


Individual solutions to your particular desires are a speciality.  Please download the enquiry form and e-mail it back to


We also welcome Business-to-Business commercial production  – trade contracts

Handmade in Yorkshire straps can compete with international brands that make in the Far East:

  • Think UK-sourced leathers
  • Think product miles
  • Think “British-made” products

Bespoke embroidery areas for custom leather guitar strapsThe embroidery service is offered in order to personalise our straps to your liking – we outsource this activity locally to another expert company.

Anything that you have seen displayed on the Facebook page or website is already on file, so is easy to reproduce.

Fonts / font effects & colours are easy to reproduce from stock files.

Custom images must be “vector files” or carry a conversion cost to allow the computerised embroidery machine to run it accurately.

FILE CONVERSION TO VECTOR – £30.00 per image

The most visible area of the strap is divided into 4 sectors, each 2½ by 2½ inches. Embroidery layout and stitch count including set-up is at £19.00 per sector. Thus a full 10” image would be £76 total.

A Layout Proof is produced in PDF and sent to be approved by the client, then a deposit taken to action sewing of the strap.  The embroidery has to be done at an early stage in manufacture, so the strap will be made fully once the embroidery has been completed and fully checked to proceed.  The lining leather is added after embroidery to seal-in the back of the stitching

The result is a strap of your choice with the addition of your selected embroidery design – we think it’s the next step in personalisation.

Area(s) to embroider

Supplying own graphics file?

Conversion to vector file required?

Top leather

Lining leather