About Uber Doofer

Premium leather guitar straps, based on half a century as a player and over 40 years as a leather specialist


In a comfortable and stylish way, to help your favourite instrument(s) defy gravity. We know what happens when they hit the floor in that unplanned way!


Company Overview

Approaching from the point of view of the best possible leather for the job.  Working according to our knowledge of British producers to help make our products rise to the top.  Specially selected leathers based on decades of experience in the tanning industry. Straps for premium and cherished instruments that display the art of the leather maker alongside the skills of the luthier, giving the confidence that comes from attention to detail and strong design & engineering.



Promoting long service, durability and performance to match the best instruments available, we intend our straps to be “keepers”. Incorporating keen ethos in inspection and approval at every stage of manufacture is the way we work. Uber Doofer straps, based in Yorkshire, England’s largest county are handmade in the UK to fine tolerances and let the leather speak, rather than being adorned with fancy embellishments. Final inspection and quality control is signed-off for each one in particular as it passes across the final inspection bench. Our unfussy, practical design has been developed over years of using straps from the open market and learning what players really need. Not over-engineered or over-embellished.


General information

Premium leather guitar straps for the discerning player who is not looking for the strap to overshadow the guitar, but augment it without “grandstanding”. Regular styles include solid leather, single thickness straps from heavy harness leather – from the best producers of tanned hide in the country and double thickness straps with a suede lining so as to be non-slip over the shoulder – this is good for head-heavy guitars.

Straps are cut 3″ wide to help spread the weight of a solid tonewood instrument and the design is optimised with maximised leather in the load-bearing elements to maximise strength and durability. We don’t appreciate metal hardware on straps that could mark and damage fine instrument finishes, so our designs try to eliminate this completely as a risk.


Look out for limited editions!

Some leathers we see on our travels are perfect for the job, but are never to be repeated by the tannery, so while we love the way they look and perform, we unfortunately can’t put them in our standard range, because we won’t be able to get any more leather. So….. when it’s gone, it’s gone.