Langtoft Leather Guitar Strap

Langtoft Leather Guitar Strap


  • 50’s & 60’s style narrow strap
  • Includes a buckle
  • Made from fine-finished ox hide
  • 3″ wide, suede lined shoulder pad
  • Teardrop button holes
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The only strap we make that includes a buckle, Langtoft is conceived as being a current twist on the narrow straps of the 50’s and 60’s. Constructed from fine-finished equestrian grade Ox hide, with a 3” wide shoulder pad that is suede-lined for grip on the shoulder, Langtoft straps also feature our trademark teardrop button holes for ease of fastening and increased security.

These are single-thickness solid leather straps and will perform very well in most applications. They will increase in softness and patina as they age – and we expect them to last

All of the leathers we use are purposely selected for the job, based on decades of industry knowledge.

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Black, Brown, Tan

Shoulder Pad

Lambs wool, Standard

2 reviews for Langtoft Leather Guitar Strap

  1. Carl Chapman (verified owner)

    Great service, nice bloke and a cracking product! What more could you want. Highly recommend.
    I have back issues and had several surgeries. These straps are not the cheapest, but they are the best I have tried. They distribute the weight and help to alleviate the dreaded neck dive on some models. I have bought several different Uberdoofer straps and I’m sure I will be back. Cheers.

  2. Paul James Berry

    It’s only a guitar strap! Or is it?

    I’m feeling alright, I don’t have a temperature and I can still taste food. So, why am I getting excited about a guitar strap. Bit sad really…… Anyway:
    I need a new strap for my axe! I found several companies around the Globe that would definitely do the job. Especially a couple I’ve seen based in the US. Then a mate mentioned Uber Doofer, so I checked them out. BLOODY HELL, they are based In Yorkshire and to top of it all in – Driffield!

    Driffield was where once upon a time I recorded with The Rose of Avalanche at the brilliant Slaughter House Recording Studio, with no less than John Leckie the man himself, in charge of the knobs. Did I just write that? What I meant to say is that he was producing……. The studio’s sadly no longer there, but good times nevertheless Hello, Rochelle;)

    Anyway, I digress, but I’m a sucker for a bit of nostalgia. Back to the straps.

    I contacted UD promptly told them what I was after. John, the Main Man quickly returned my emails and went into details of what his company was about. He wrote about the how the leather was sourced and how the concept of the particular strap I was interested in came to life. TBH I didn’t know there was so much work behind this kind of thing….

    What struck me straight away was that this company was a millions miles away from some computer algorithmic cold response centre. Real people, folk that cared…… The point I’m feebly trying to make it that it’s lovely to come across a small company that are totally passionate about their craft. Caps off!!

    Anyway, anyway, anyway, I received my Langtoft guitar straps – yeah, I bought two – one for my Gibson Hummingbird and one for my Dusenberg Fullerton Elite. There’s always an elements of ‘risk’ purchasing stuff online. The pictures usually look better than the real thing or something just doesn’t click when it finally arrives. But when they did, I had a good feeling. Even the packaging was cool (no plastic, top marks) with a big sticker that read HANDMADE IN YORKSHIRE! Inside two curled-up beauties.

    I once toured with Howe Gelb from Giant Sand and he told me that he used an old skipping rope from a family member on one of his acoustic guitars, until it snapped! These straps probably won’t help you write a great songs or even play better guitar, but they are comfy well-crafted beasts and they won’t snap……

    Not only does your guitar deserve one – you do! Quality, Stylish and handmade in ‘bloody’ Yorkshire. What more do you want……?

    Paul James Berry

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