Beswick Leather Acoustic Instrument Strap


  • Designed for smaller and lighter instruments
  • Retro-vibe
  • Narrow strap
  • 3″ wide shoulder pad with optional lambswool or suede lining
  • No buckle or hardware
  • Teardrop button holes
  • Long lasting
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Particularly designed for smaller and lighter instruments, such as cigar box guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, mandola etc., Beswick has a retro-vibe and is primarily aimed at acoustic and roots players who wouldn’t necessarily look at a 3” wide strap.  The selected leather is a rustic and mildly distressed appearance that is organic enough to complement natural wood finishes.  With no buckle or hardware to damage a fine instrument, BESWICK straps also feature our trademark teardrop button holes for ease of fastening and increased security.  For heavier instruments such as banjos, the 3“ wide shoulder pad has a lining option with lambswool, to help spread the load.

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Shoulder Pad

Lambs wool, None, Standard, Suede


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