Millington tan deer limited edition premium quality leather guitar straps from Uber Doofer
Bainton black with blue stitching from Uber Doofer Premium Leather Guitar and Instrument Straps
Lisset antique crocodile brown


Embossing leather is achieved in a machine using heat and pressure to leave a moulded impression on the surface. On an individual basis, this can be very expensive to do, because it requires an engraved tool to be made by our suppliers, who work directly from a computer graphic file.

Being a computer-controlled operation, the engraving is super-accurate and although the job carries a set-up cost and then a cost per piece to produce, the tooling lasts for many thousands of impressions. Some people would find the cost prohibitive if only looking for a handful of straps with the embossed (some say debossed) design of their choosing.