Thwing Headless Guitar Hanger

A small proportion of all of the guitars out there, but some people are heavy devotees of headless instruments. Reducing the size and weight of a guitar this way can be a really sensible option and some folk just love ‘em! Our G3T for example has been around the world several times in airline overhead lockers and we’d be hard-pushed to find a more suitable travelling companion.

The problem is with this sort of design that they can be difficult to hang on a wall or put on a standard cradle stand safely. Using our access to the Hohner G3T “cricket bat” guitar, we decided to do something about it. The hanging system couldn’t be more straightforward, just slot the neck up and button-on at the bottom and then your squeeze is safe & sound for hanging on almost anything. Naturally, Uber Doofer uses premium leather throughout and the Thwing is topped-off with a nickel-plated, military-grade welded steel D-ring (that would probably be fine towing a car).

We’re offering these out to the whole family of headless players, Steinberger, Carvin, Kiesel etc, etc and they will be strictly made to order to the dimensions that you give us.

Please e-mail John to start the process…….

We’ll need the dimensions of your instrument and then we can discuss a range of different leathers for bespoke construction.  The standard lining leather is natural vegetable tanned (biscuit colour).

Thwing headless guitar hanger